Thanks Jim

Who would have imagined that I would get a personal shout out from White Coat Investor‘s “Big List of Physician Bloggers” after contributing the absolute minimal commitment of a physician blog: an opening post. Interestingly, according to the list this makes me the third oldest strictly financial physician blog. This also then entitles me to be curmudgeonly.

My failure to write additional content is really a testament to the amazing content that was created by Bogleheads and WCI at the time. The explosion of similar blogs (and amazing tenacity of someone like Physician on FIRE who appears to have commented on every relevant blog I’ve come across, except mine!) has really left me wondering what does a newcomer have to offer that hasn’t been said before on this subject?

Truly, there are so many content producers that most of the comments left on popular blogs are other bloggers trying to stake out a claim of there own. Which all feels a little self-serving and not at all what I want this little unread and forgotten (even by me) of the internet to be about.

So here is what is missing from the discussion:

1. Tax Strategies
It’s 2018. Even my CPA is confused as how we use the new tax plan to any kind of advantage. Where is the guiding light for financial blogs on this? Kitces? Fox?

2. Alternative Investments
PassiveIncomeMD is doing a decent job here. I like the idea of some passive real estate investing options for the busy physician. This is a huge topic and there are a ton of ways to access this market but I need some data. What can you expect in terms of time requirements and expected returns? What advantage does this have over my index fund? Give me some 10 year Jack Bogle style data.

3. Question Dogma, with Data
This is what the best posts are made of. Say what you want about Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad guy) but he hit a home run when he observed that that your primary house is a liability, not an asset.

“Very simply, an asset is something that puts money in your pocket. A liability is something that takes money out of your pocket.”

I love the data driven analysis of the 4% rule by Big Ern of EarlyRetirementNow that questions the uniformity of the 4% rule and examines models where the rule “Breaks” (spoiler alert: it depends on the market conditions when you retire).

Big Ern for the win again on his questioning of Dave Ramsey’s conviction that we all must have an X month supply as an emergency fund.

WCI again is a stand out here as well when he advises you to Fire Your Financial Adviser which he liked enough to make the title of his course as well. WCI stands out the best when he writes with examples — his list of investing priorities is nearly 7 years old and still spot on.

And here is what we can all use a little less of:

1. The term “FI” and it’s variants are annoying
Financial Independence sounds kind of self-rightous but “FI” even worse. Like “Veggies” for vegetables. Authors should commit to using this term as little as possible. I guess there is no need to apologize for my opinion here as my readership is presently at zero but the idea of the physician “side gig” or “side hustle” also just makes me think you hate your job. The fastest way to make an extra $1000 is probably just take another shift.

2. Posts about how to money as a blogger
Too meta

3. Rehash posts
If it’s been covered, I’d rather you send a link to the older article. There really has to be a new kernel of an idea in the post to be worth it. I’m looking at you “Backdoor Roth Tutorial” posters.

So what am I missing? Send me a comment.

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